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Logo of The Mount Golf Academy which uses a FlightScope golf launch monitor for club fitting and golf coaching.

FlightScope X2 arrived at The Mount Golf Academy, Tauranga, New Zealand

5 January 2012
The FlightScope X2 has arrived at The Mount Golf Academy, Tauranga, New Zealand. Forget everything you've heard about Launch Monitors so far. The FlightScope X2 is in a class of its own! But don't just take our word for it - book your FlightScope lesson or club fit with Robert or Luke now - you'll be amazed!
"I am a firm believer in this day and age that to fit your clients properly, a launch monitor system is a must have piece of equipment. As a recipient of several club fitting awards, I've come to realize that to be the best; you must utilize the best of the best in club fitting equipment. The FlightScope, in my opinion, stands in a class of its own. Its performance far exceeds anything I've seen over the years. Its state of the art technology provides users with confidence and as it gives the most precise readings and ultimately the best fitting." Bob Van Sweden, Taylormade Golf, US Club Fitter of the Year