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FlightScope X3 Live Demonstration

19 April 2021

FlightScope recently held a live demonstration of the X3 Golf Radar's hardware and software capabilities. It is presented by Alex Trujillo and the live audience asked questions which he answered.

The FS VX application, mostly used by Golf teachers and club fitters, are presented first. Proper setup is shown and then Alex moves on to the bottom bar and the quick reference data parameters in the software. He shows how to move these around to get the exact layout that you need. The D-plane is discussed and presented in 3 dimensions so that angle of attack, face to target, face to path and even dynamic loft are visible.

Next the 2D screens are discussed and what the dynamics are behind hitting a draw. The speed and acceleration profiles of the golf shot is shown and an explanation is given on how these profiles are used by club fitters to give their clients a golf club that is built specifically for their swing.

The FS Skills Software features in the video, its ability to create custom challenges is shown and more information is given on how coaches use the software to assess their students.

The FS Golf application is used in the video to show some of the video functionality available through FlightScope's applications. The features used to do a swing analysis is shown and discussed.

Golf Simulation with the X3 and E6 software is demonstrated. The optimal setup for putting and full swing shots is discussed.

During the presentation the new augmented reality feature is shown.

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