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FlightScope Xi Series Camera Calibration and Alignment

28 September 2016

Alignment makes precision. Properly aligning your FlightScope unit can make a huge impact on the precision of the data you receive. You see, FlightScope is second to none when it comes to accuracy but there are certain steps the user must take to accomplish that feat.

Just as you aim the face of your putter or golf club to the intended target, the user must ensure that FlightScope is aimed to the intended target line. All of FlightScope’s data parameters are measured relative to the target line. The exception to this rule is Face to Path (FTP). FTP is reported relative to the direction the club path is moving. With the use of a mobile device such as the iPad or an Android, the user can quickly align the unit to the intended target. Let's take a look how that can be done.

Step 1: Connect your mobile device to the Wi-Fi. The password will always be the serial number which is listed on the back of the unit. For example, Xi-01234, the X must be capitalized, include the dash, and no spaces.

Step 2: Open your FlightScope VX or Skills app. Click on the “Connected” button on the top right corner.


Under “User Mode” select the camera icon. This will display your mobile device camera. Place the mobile device on the Xi unit so that the camera on the back of the mobile device is directly in line with the arrow symbol on the top of the unit. Align the unit to the intended target as shown in the pictures below.

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Step 3: Ensure that you have selected the Outdoor mode in your device settings.

Step 4: Press “Start a session” and select a wedge from your golf bag.

Step 5: Once in the session, select the “Device Settings” and select “Camera Calibration”.

Step 6: Hit a short chip shot to the left of the intended target line. Once the ball lands, click the screen where the ball landed. Hit a short chip shot to the right of the intended target line. Once the ball lands, click the screen where the ball landed. Completing this process calibrates the camera’s position to the center of the radar panel. Your camera calibration is now complete.

Check out this video on alignment. If you still have questions on this process, please reach our support team at 407-412-9400 or support@FlightScope.com

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