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Screencap from a FlightScope golf launch monitor showing a club analysis table sample.

FlightScope® Signs on to Sponsor AGCP National Conference

20 July 2010
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Members of AGCP to Train and Learn More about FlightScope® at National Conference Sept. 29 – Oct. 2

ORLANDO, FL (July 21, 2010) -- FlightScope® the first Golf Launch Monitor to use 3D Doppler Tracking, and the first to introduce a wireless launch monitor for golf – the FlightScope® Prime - is now the sponsor of the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals National Conference September 29 through October 2 in Columbus, GA.

“We are all about education and our goal is twofold, to train the best club fitters in the world, and to let the world know about it,” said Roy Nix, Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals Director. “One way to do this is by making sure they get the best equipment possible for their work so they have the credibility to be able to charge what they need to in order to be profitable and successful. FlightScope by being a leader in their industry fits in with what the AGCP wants to accomplish and that is to get the best equipment and the most accurate equipment possible into our member's hands to allow them to do a better job of fitting.”

Club fitters attending the conference will be able to interact with many members of the FlightScope team to learn more about the many benefits and advantages FlightScope® has over the competition, such as the superiority of the FlightScope® Prime. By going wireless, and without the need to find level ground, the FlightScope® Prime allows golfers to take a launch monitor out to the course and to record data in all situations so a golfer can see what they’re doing in real situations as opposed to being tied down to a golf range and only measuring swings in optimal conditions.

“We are a young organization seeking recognition for our members and when a company like FlightScope chooses to attend our Education Conference and Convention and lend their considerable knowledge and expertise to our name it is good for our members,” said Nix. “And by getting to see the FlightScope in action and by being able to interact with the entire FlightScope team; and learn how to use the FlightScope, by understanding the benefits of using quality equipment, by understanding the accuracy of the FlightScope and realizing how the graphics help them sell what they do.”

For more information on the conference: http://www.agcpgolf.com/html/rt5_education_conference.html .

For a free demo of the FlightScope® Prime, or to see how FlightScope® can increase your revenues, and help your business grow, visit http://flightscope.com; or call Madelein Nel at (407) 967-7121. If you would like to visit us in Columbus, GA, contact us for a Free Pass for the Exhibits, we will be on stage at 4 PM on Thursday in the main Exhibit Hall.

Follow FlightScope® on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/flightscopegolf.

See FlightScope® in action on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/user/launchmon


EDH, maker of FlightScope®, is a product development company founded in 1989 by Henri Johnson, inventor and electronic engineer. EDH develops products for the defense and sports markets, and has as its core expertise the design and development of 3D tracking radar systems. FlightScope®, was first demonstrated in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl., in 2001; and was introduced at the 2004 PGA Merchandise Show. In addition to its use at high-profile teaching academies and by club fitters worldwide, Tour professionals and avid golfers devoted to game improvement use FlightScope®, for personal practice. It’s known for its ease of use as well as the precision and accuracy of its technology. FlightScope®, employs phased-array and ballistic tracking technology to accurately record ball trajectory and actual launch data.

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