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FlightScope® Video Integration Set To Put Photographic Spot Light On Golf Day Experience

1 August 2008
EDH South Africa, manufacturer of the FlightScope® family of innovative compact indoor/ outdoor ball flight monitor systems has announced the launch of its latest Software Release Version 5.3.16 which is being rolled out to eligible partners globally with immediate effect. The latest release, which will work in conjunction with a new Firmware Release, 5.13, will once again advance the ongoing search for perfection in the measurement of spin irrespective of the golf ball being used. Henri Johnson, CEO of EDH South Africa, commented; “FlightScope is the world’s very 1st 3D Golf Tracking Radar making its public debut on 8th Oct 2001 at the PGA Tour in Florida. The ambition to be able to measure consistent and accurate ball flight and club data has been a passion of FlightScope ever since its introduction. In the field FlightScope is faced with varying conditions, including environment and golf balls being used, the latest release sets new accuracy levels that exceed are already high standards and set what we believe to be the industry benchmark for ball flight monitors.”

The new software release also incorporates an innovative new feature, FlightScope Video Integration, which allows the user to record a video clip of the player hitting a shot together with the usual 3D tracking data of the golf shot. The integration is simple yet highly effective, a Mini DV Camcorder connects to the PC via an IEEE1394 Firewire cable. A simple configuration adjustment to the FlightScope software seamlessly synchronises the capture of video with the sensor when the player hits a shot. A player can hit hundreds of shots and each time footage of each swing will be captured. Once the session is completed FlightScope Media Player allows you to playback the video footage of the players shot inset within the 3D plot screen that provides shot data including ball and club speed, ball spin, carry distance, flight time and lateral direction.

The new Video Integration Software has significant benefits to both new and existing users of FlightScope. In addition to club fitting and teaching the increased functionality provides a perfect tool for use on corporate golf days. The system can now be placed on a tee to record a drive of every competitor along with a video of their swing. After the rounds completion the data and footage can be played via a large screen monitor allowing all competitors to see their individual shots in the comfort of the clubhouse. The net result is a win win situation with a wider application for FlightScope, less down time of the system and ultimately increased revenue.

FlightScope Kudu is part of a tracking radar product range manufactured by EDH, the South African based technology company. The top of the range sister model, FlightScope Cheetah, is an outdoor golf ball trajectory monitor that measures the entire flight path of a golf ball in 3D with great accuracy. FlightScope Cheetah has the most extensive set of measured parameters on the market today. FlightScope RacquetRadar is used for serve speed and trajectory measurement at the Davis Cup and many other leading ATP and WTA tennis events. The FlightScope Speedball is the leading bowling speed measurement system used throughout the cricket world. FlightScope manufacturer EDH is based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The company was founded in 1989 by Henri Johnson, inventor and electronics engineer. EDH develops products for both military and sports markets and has its core expertise in the design and development of 3D tracking radar systems.