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Logo of Area Code Baseball which chose Flightscope launch monitors as their official radar tracking technology

FlightScope’s Radar Technology Featured at 2016 Area Code Baseball Games

3 August 2016

Leading Sports Tracking Company Provides Data and Technology to Top Major League Baseball Scouts and Coaches

ORLANDO, Fla. - August 3, 2016 - FlightScope, a world leader in the development and manufacturing of launch monitors and radars for sports, today announces that they are the official radar technology used at this year's Area Code Baseball Games. In the past, this tournament created for promising baseball players has produced more than 800 Major League Baseball (MLB) players since its inception. FlightScope's Strike technology captures pitch, hit and pop time data, including pitch velocity, spin rate, carry distance, exit speed, flight trajectory and more. During the games, scouts and coaches can download player performance reports on MyFlightScope.com following each day of the event.

This year marks the 30th year of the Area Code Baseball Games composed of eight teams, including elite players from around the nation. Tryouts for the Area Code Baseball Games are by invitation only and players have to be nominated by a major league scout to be considered. Every MLB team is represented at the event.

"We are proud to introduce FlightScope's technology to hundreds of scouts, coaches and athletes from across the country, and are honored to be a part of one of the highest ranked high school talent tournaments in the country," said Henri Johnson, founder and CEO of FlightScope. "At FlightScope, our goal is to always find ways to unveil our technology to a new audience and this event was the perfect opportunity to showcase our developments to an elite crowd of both players and coaches."

The FlightScope Strike is the first multi-frequency 3D tracking radar for baseball and softball that provides hitting, pitching, and pop time analysis bringing big data and player performance tracking to every level of play. The radar captures key data such as spin RPM, ball flight trajectory, extension, vertical and horizontal launch and pop-time.

"Area Code Baseball Games is the best and longest running elite high school baseball tournament in the nation and having first-class tracking radar technology coincide with it, like FlightScope Strike, is essential for the players' success," said Kirsten Leetch, Director of Baseball of Area Code Baseball. "The amount of FlightScope data coaches and scouts will have access to during and after the event gives them the ability to properly sort and understand all of the data in one place, making the best recruiting and scouting decisions for their teams."

The 2016 Area Code Baseball Games will be hosted on Aug. 6-10 in Long Beach, Calif. at Blair Field.

About Area Code Baseball

The Area Code Baseball Games were created in 1987 in Lodi, Calif. by Bob Williams and the Northern California Major League Scouts. The goal was to bring together the best high school underclassman baseball players from geographical areas based on telephone area codes. Nearly 3,000 players compete nationwide for a chance to participate in the final Area Code Baseball Games the premiere search for the nation's top baseball players. More than 800 Major League players have participated in Area Code Baseball.


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