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FlightScope’s support to HSBC

26 November 2012

FlightScope’s support to HSBC will be in two key areas. The practice ground is always a favourite destination for visitors and this year they will see 4 FlightScope X2 systems located on the range connected by wireless technology to Apple iPads. As players practice detailed performance data is delivered directly to the iPad in real time allowing them to fine tune their games as they prepare for their rounds. The data will also be transmitted to the HSBC Golf Zone where it will be displayed to members of the public on a 60” screen in the FlightScope section accompanied by video footage of the range.

Those visitors inspired and intrigued by what they see on the practice range can then try out the technology for themselves in the 3 bay FlightScope Driving Range – 2 adult and 1 junior - located within The HSBC Golf Zone installed with the new software, FlightScope Skills. The software allows golfers to access and benchmark their golf games indoors and outdoors using a set of virtual targets to aim at during a practice session.