X3 5GHz WiFi Switch

Setting the system up to run at 5GHz

  1. Ensure that the unit has the black dual band dongle in and that the OS is 5GHz compatible
  2. Ensure the unit has a firmware 1.12 or newer
  3. Connect to X3’s WiFi hotspot
  4. Open ARMNetworkConfig.exe application
  5. Connect to the system.
  6. Go to the 'wlan0' tab
  7. In the dropdown select 'Access Point Host - 5GHz
  8. Double check that the SSID, Password, IP and Subnet is standard
  9. The Channel shoulb be greyed out and be '36'
  10. Click on 'Write Configuration
  11. Click on 'Restart'
  12. The radar should restart
  13. To ensure you are running on 5GHz, reconnect to the system hotspot.
  14. Open the wifi properties and make sure the channel number for the hotspot is between 36-40.