Raw Data Checklist:

Required Information for Diagnosis - performance queries at clients

When clients have performance queries with their unit we require raw data, ensure the following
    Pre-check before sending data:
    • Latest Software and Firmware was used
    • Setup was good - including a ball origin test
    • Detection mode was correctly set
    • Low level raw data check
      • all channels is healthy
      • gain switch is ok (if supported and in outdoor mode)
      • if indoors - check the spin glitches and verify the spin
      • check the ball prc and waterfall for anything obvious

    Include the following when forwarding the raw data:
    • Client name
    • Radar Model
    • Usage (Indoor / Outdoor / Both)
    • Setup information (radar-to-tee, if indoors then hitting distance)
    • Software version
    • Firmware version
    • Exact nature of problem(s):
      • club (iron/driver/wedge, or name of club if specific to this), (speed, angles etc)
      • distance (too short/long, shot-shape etc)
      • preferably xml session history file
    • Photos of setup general area
When all the checks has been complete and the data has been analyzed and the unit is labeled as a repair, Open a Case (under the Account, Contact and Sensor) with as much information as possible.