E6 Connect

Find the information on how to Demo or purchase E6 connect below:

Download the E6 CONENCT Demo

How to Demo E6 CONNECT

  • Users need to create an E6 Player Profile at: beta.e6golf.com
      All customers will need to create an account – this account is where we assign software permissions.
  • Users will need to confirm this E6 Player Profile creation
      They will receive an email asking them to confirm their Profile creation – they may need to check their Junk or SPAM Inbox.
  • Customers will launch the E6 CONNECT software
  • Customers will use the email and password to Log In to E6 CONNECT
  • Users will select the Demo License from the Menu and Select “Activate”

Create an account

  • Create your account here: https://portal.e6golf.com
  • After you have signed up you will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address. You must confirm your email address to complete registration.
  • After you create your account please email: activations@trugolf.com
    with the email address for your E6 CONNECT Account and reference SO# “#####”

How to Download E6 CONNECT

  • For the PC version of E6 CONNECT, download the software here: https://e6golf.com/update/e6-connect/
  • For the iOS version of E6 CONNECT download the software from the app store. Search for “E6 CONNECT” and download

How to Purchase E6 CONNECT

  • Once a FlightScope customer has elected to purchase E6 CONNECT, they will contact their FlightScope rep
    The FlightScope rep will create a PO and submit it to orders@trugolf.com – our fulfillment team will process these orders and authorize the customer’s E6 Player Profile for the content they purchased.
    Once that has been done, our team will send an email to the customer instructing them how Unbind their Demo License and Bind their Purchased License.

How to bind and unbaound an E6 CONNECT License

  • Find a video explaining how to bind an E6 Connect License here
  • Find a video explaining how to unbind an E6 Connect License here

User Manual