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How PGA TOUR player Chris Thompson picked up 20 yards (in an hour)

4 March 2019
Ho hum, another golfer picked up 20 yards going thru the Tour Tempo Speed Training program. In this particular case, ‘another golfer’ just happens to be the PGA Tour Player, Chris Thompson, who already possesses good speed and a good swing.

Note: the better the player, the better the swing, the more speed they have – The HARDER it is to get the increase in distance. Which is good news for most everyone reading this because if:

• You’re not a PGA Tour Player


• Your ball speeds are below 170 mph

Then it’s (dare I say) easy for me to get you 20, 30 even 40 yards in that first session. If you are a tour player and your speeds are above 170 mph, I can still get you 20+ yards, it will just be more of a challenge…. and I love a good challenge. Let’s take a look at Chris and how we did it.

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