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FlightScope’s resident golf professional, Ian Frost, explains what makes the FlightScope Xi launch monitor special.

Ian Frost’s opinion of the Xi golf launch monitor

24 April 2014

We recently decided to start a new segment for the FlightScope website. Ian Frost is FlightScope’s resident golf professional and we will be picking his brain every now again. Below is the result of the first interview.

Interviewer: Ian, please share your thoughts on our latest radar to hit the market.

Ian Frost: Why I think the new FlightScope Xi is so special.

I am happy to say, for the first time ever with the release of the new FlightScope Xi, the consumer market has a launch monitor available to all. You can now use the same technology used by coaches and pros worldwide, but at a reduced cost. This little gem uses X2 technology to provide accurate results and comes with its own suite of software, very similar to that used by its bigger brother, and available for Apple devices.

Any golfer can now use the FlightScope Xi Skills app to create challenges for themselves, complete challenges provided by FlightScope or even create challenges amongst friends. The possibilities with the FlightScope Xi are limitless, whether you use it for resolving yardages for different Irons or checking your spin, the Xi does it all. As with the X2, the Xi comes standard with batteries, Wi-Fi and an automatic levelling system for ease of use and setup, both in- and out-doors.

For me though, the stand out feature must be the size and weight of this Xi unit, it weighs just over 4lbs! Whether you are a Pro Teacher, a golfer who wants more information on the range, or a touring pro, having a small and portable device like this makes practice pleasant and informative. Forget all the laptops and cumbersome bags; all you need is a FlightScope Xi and a tablet.