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Incorrect Radar Alignment

26 October 2016
Proper alignment of your FlightScope radar is a key element in collecting the most accurate data. Boresighting is the act of verifying the alignment of a sight and bore (on a firearm). This same principle is true when it comes to your FlightScope launch monitor. The radar has one reference point, which is the intended target line. Many data parameters are reported based on that intended target line. This makes alignment a crucial part of collecting the most accurate and reliable data. The image below shows what the user will see from their tablet when using the camera feature on the VX app. The yellow line splitting the screen should split the golf ball and your intended target. Please refer to our videos on our Facebook page and alignment blog on how to properly align your radar using the X2 Elite internal boresight camera or your tablets on board camera. blog-1 The image below shows the X2 Elite’s internal boresight camera. blog-1 If the radar is misaligned to the intended target, then the user might find the data to be skewed. If you are in an outdoor environment where divots will be taken, we recommend that you move your radar and realign it once the player has hit about 6 inches forward or backwards from the initial “sensor to tee distance”. As with any high tech piece of equipment, following these key steps to setting up the FlightScope is essential to its performance. Check out this video on how to properly align your X2 Elite.  

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