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Exploring The Mevo Golf App

22 June 2017
" width="1500" height="1208" /> blog-1 blog-1 blog-1 Instantly upload & share practice sessions Video and data will be instantly stored for easy upload and sharing on FlightScope’s cloud service, MyFlightScope.com and social media (coming soon). The online cloud allows users to upload session data for free. To store videos, you can purchase a subscription package depending on how many videos you want to store per month. Now your video, data, and performance reports can be stored in one easily accessible place. We’re always looking to enhance our user’s experience, so keep a look out for more improvements and add-ons coming soon to MyFlightScope.com. Whether you’ve only been playing golf for a few months or all your life, the Mevo app will give you the real-time performance data and video options you need to improve your game. For more information about Mevo and the Mevo Golf app, visit www.flightscopemevo.com.