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WLD Champion Joe Miller and his coach, Lee Cox, showing how FlightScope launch monitors can be used to gain club head speed.

Joe Miller Increases His Speed with the Kinetic Chain Theory

12 November 2014

Joe Miller, World Long Drive Champion, has been undefeated in Europe for the past two years. He and his coach, Lee Cox, show how simple corrections help Miller to gain club head speed. Cox explains that for the majority of the year, Miller focuses on hitting straight, but a few weeks before a championship, the focus shifts to hitting faster.

As Miller warms up, his FlightScope X2 launch monitor registers "low" club head speeds around 130 mph. Using the Kinetic Chain Theory, which states that one part of the body will catch up with the rest, Cox adjusts Miller's hips so that his shoulders will receive more power allowing him to hit with more force. After the adjustment, Miller's club head speed has increased to around 145 mph with a ball speed of 200 mph.

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