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FlightScope Athletics Travels to Midwest for July Throwing Events

16 August 2019

The FlightScope Athletics team had the opportunity to attend the Ironwood Thrower Development Camp in Coeur D’Alene, ID last month in an effort to bring awareness to FlightScope’s throwing technology: the X3 Athletics Coaching System.

300 high school throwers from over 32 states, as well as 2 throwers from Taiwan, attended the week-long camp where over 60 high school and college coaches helped with instruction. FlightScope was able to expose many of the coaches to how this technology can assist in coaching throwers at the beginner level. The instant feedback gives both the coach and the thrower the validation of technique, changes being made and what aspects of the throw need improvement. Many of the throwers were given their data and video post-camp for further review and analysis with their coaches. This was the first time many of them were able to see actual launch data on their throws.

Later in the month, FlightScope attended the USA Outdoor National Track and Field Championships in Des Moines where the team worked closely with USOC Sports Technologists Phil Cheethman and John Crosby to capture data and video on all throwing events.

Nearly 300 throws were captured during the four-day event. The top three men in the shot put threw over 22m / 72 ft. - a first for any national championship competition.

Newest FlightScope Ambassador and two-time Olympic competitor DeAnna Price beat her own American Record in the Women's Hammer Throw with a 78.24m / 256 ft. toss (she won the 2018 NACAC Championship with a toss of 74.60m). Her new record is also currently the farthest throw in the world. Despite the rain, Chase Ealey threw 19.56m / 61 ft. to win her first outdoor Women’s Shot Put title.

FlightScope gave each thrower access to their data and videos from the event to review with their personal coach post-competition. Many of the top three finishers in each throwing event will be representing the U.S. at the World Championship in Doha. Having access to the data from this event will help the coaches and throwers make the necessary adjustments before the World Championship.

For more information on the FlightScope Athletics Coaching System, visit athletics.flightscope.com or contact Britney Henry at britney.henry@flightscope.com.