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Q&A with Kevin Haime

25 July 2018
Kevin Haime, founder of Kevin Haime Golf School, has been teaching golf for 28 years, and is currently coaching a Junior National Champion, Provincial Champion, and Ontario Provincial Team member, among his many talented young amateurs and professionals. Kevin has been named Canadian PGA Zone Teacher of the Year and Canadian PGA Zone Junior Leader of the Year three times each. In 2000, his peers also voted him Canadian PGA National Teacher of the Year, the top award for golf instructors in Canada. He has been named Favorite Golf Teacher by the readers of Flagstick Golf Magazine every year the award has been voted on (2003-2015). Kevin is widely considered one of the top club fitters and ball flight experts in Canada. He has been custom club fitting since 1992 and has been presented two PING Club Fitter of the Year Awards. He is the featured instructor in Flagstick Golf Magazine and has written columns and tips for other publications including Sun Newspapers, Score Golf Magazine and Ontario Golf Magazine. As a FlightScope Advisory Board member, Kevin has used FlightScope products in every-day teaching practices with his students for years. FS: When did you first start using FlightScope products? What model was it?
KH: I've been a loyal Flightscope user since the early days. My first Flightscope was the Kudu and I believe I bought it in 2005. FS: What product(s) do you currently use and why?
KH: We are currently using an Xi and an X2 as part of the Advisory Board program. FS: What is it about FlightScope technology, products, and the company in general that has made you a loyal user?
KH: I enjoy the software/ interface and the accuracy of the product.   FS: What are your thoughts on the new FlightScope consumer model - FlightScope mevo - and how it might help grow and improve the game?
KH: It's wonderful to have a consumer model - the more people that can access great technology, the better for our game.   FS: What is your favorite golf course?
KH: Cabot Cliffs in Cape Breton   FS: What is your favorite club in your bag?
KH: Driver   FS: What other hobbies do you have outside of golf?
KH: Cars   FS: Who is your favorite golfer of all time?
KH: Jack Nicklaus   FS: Are you a fan of any other sports? Who are your favorite teams?
KH: As a Canadian I am a big hockey fan. My hometown Ottawa Senators are my favorite team. FS: What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of?
KH: Professionally, my proudest accomplishments are being named the PGA of Canada National Teacher of the Year in 2000 and the PGA of Canada Junior Leader of the Year in 2017.   To learn more about Kevin, visit kevinhaime.com.