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Leading UK Buying Groups Embrace FlightScope® for 2009

15 December 2008
FlightScope has received a major boost within the United Kingdom with the news that the market’s leading buying group, Foremost/Alliance Golf, has selected the FlightScope Kudu Indoor/ Outdoor Flight Monitor as its golf launch monitor technology of choice. The endorsement opens up a targeted audience of in excess of 1,000 PGA professionals to the product and will clearly reinforce the brand’s growing reputation as a product that really can improve a retailer’s competitive advantage.

“This is a strategic investment on the part of Foremost Golf,” said Andy Martin, Head of Supplier Services at Foremost Golf. “We believe that the use of a FlightScope system will allow our members to sell more golf equipment in a very competitive trading environment and that is good for the retailer, the suppliers and Foremost Golf.”

Chris Steele, the Head Professional at Minchinhampton and Chairman of the Foremost Group, is especially enthusiastic about this partnership: “As manufacturers reach the end of the limit on how much further their equipment off-the-shelf’ can hit the golf ball, we, as qualified PGA Professionals, come into our own ensuring that a golfer is playing with the best solution for their swing. I have found the FlightScope system not only very easy to use but a very powerful tool in both helping me find the perfect solution for the club member, and in convincing the club member that the investment they are going to make is worthwhile”.