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Photo of PGA Hall of Famer Gary Wiren whose stats are measured by a FlightScope launch monitor.

Losing distance to age? Not this 75-year-old

17 October 2010

Dr. Gary Wiren turned 75 last week, an age when most have trouble hitting it beyond their shadow, or so it often seems. But Wiren, the senior director of instruction for Trump Golf properties, set out to prove the fallacy of that notion, while hoping to inspire other seniors.

On his birthday, at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Fla., the turf soft, Wiren went to the par-5 ninth hole, where at the 300-yard mark from the tee box he had positioned a large sign.

"The first one I hit," Wiren said, "it plugged at 299 yards. Then the numbers I put up were 310, 307, 302."

Three days later, he was at PGA National, where he used FlightScope and its 3D Doppler Tracking Golf Radar system to take measurements.

The numbers were eye-popping for a septuagenarian: 298-yard carry, 305-yard total distance, clubhead speed 118.1 miles per hour. "When I was younger, I did about 124," he said.

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