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Q&A with Lou Guzzi

5 July 2018
Lou Guzzi is a Class A - Member of the PGA of America and even earned the title of 2013 National PGA Teacher of the Year. He has also been recognized as one of GOLF Magazines Top 100 Teachers in America. In 2003 and again in 2010, Lou was named the Philadelphia Section PGA Teacher of the Year, an award given by the PGA of America to a professional who has performed outstanding service as a golf instructor in their section. He has also been selected as a Top 50 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional by the Golf Range Association of America, along with Golf Digest’s Best Teachers in your State. Over the past 34 years, Lou has had the opportunity to meet, study, and mentor some of the greatest golf instructors in the world. In the 80s and 90s, he had a successful tournament career, competing in U.S. Open qualifiers, U.S. Amateur & Mid-Amateur qualifiers, PGA Section Tournaments, and Club Championships. With his passion for playing and teaching, Lou has taken his knowledge and tournament experience and put it into his own unique package, working with some of the best PGA Professionals in the Philadelphia Section, as well as many Club Champions, area celebrities, beginners, juniors and seniors. He is an excellent communicator, specializing in one-on-one instruction and bringing a dynamic teaching style to every lesson.
Lou has been a dedicated FlightScope user and advocate since 2010, and also serves as an Advisory Board member. We recently caught up with him on why he continues to use FlightScope, which products are his favorite, and more.  
FS: When did you first start using FlightScope products? What model was it? 
LG: I started using the X2 in 2010.
FS: What product(s) do you currently use and why?
LG: The X2 and the Xi. Why? Because they provide me with the information I need, are so well made and are extremely dependable.
FS: What is it about FlightScope technology, products, and the company in general that has made you a loyal user?
LG: My FlightScope has recorded very accurate numbers during my lessons, and whenever I have had a question about the product, the professionals at FlightScope are always there to help guide me. I have also developed such a wonderful relationship with so many great people at FlightScope that I feel like I am part of the FlightScope Family.  Everyone at FlightScope has an incredible amount of pride in their company and I know that they also care about my business and helping me grow.
FS: What are your thoughts on the new FlightScope consumer model - FlightScope mevo - and how it might help grow and improve the game? 
LG: This product is great for the consumer. The price is very reasonable and the students can track their data, save it with the software that is downloaded to their phone and see their improvement. The data is also very helpful for the coach to review when the student comes in for a lesson. The most impressive part about FlightScope mevo is how small and accurate it is, making it very easy to keep in your golf bag for use anytime you are ready to capture data.
FS: What is your favorite golf course?
LG: Augusta National
FS: What is your favorite club in your bag?
LG: I have 14 favorite clubs!
FS: What other hobbies do you have outside of golf?
LG: I love spending time with my family, going out to dinner and talking about our day, drinking coffee out in my backyard with my dog on Sunday and Monday mornings (Coffee Time with "The Boy"), trying different cappuccino cafes with my wife, and tasting as many different Scotch Whiskys as possible (over 75 at this point)! I also love to go to the movies, travel and drive my Jeep Wrangler anywhere I can.
FS: Who is your favorite golfer of all time? 
LG: Ben Hogan
FS: Are you a fan of any other sports? Who are your favorite teams?
LG: Hockey -  The Philadelphia Flyers
FS: What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of?
LG: I was a kid growing up in a row home in Philadelphia and did not have access to a golf course, so I would hit plastic golf balls across all the neighbors' lawns, back to my lawn. I dug a hole in the ground and putted a real ball into the hole with a set of clubs that I purchased at a garage sale. To go from the streets of Philadelphia to becoming a PGA Member and a Coach/Teacher running my own Teaching Academy at Talamore Country Club really makes me feel very lucky. I am humbled and honored that many organizations have recognized me for my teaching skills and feel very blessed to be helping others with golf.
To learn more about Lou, visit louguzzi.com.