PGA Director Bernie Najar giving a testimonial for FlightScope golf launch monitors / golf ball trackers.

Bernie Najar

PGA Professional Director of Instruction

The FlightScope Prime has been an excellent addition to my instruction program and club-fitting services. It is worth noting that I am writing this testimonial after a year of owning the product and testing it against several other launch monitors that were strong considerations before I purchased the FlightScope Prime. Since purchasing the FlightScope, I have been extremely pleased with the portability of the unit, along with the ease of capturing data at the range and on the course. Also worth noting, is the tremendous customer service FlightScope provides and the many features the product offers for club-fitting and teaching at a fair price. If your’e looking to add value to your golf program, the FlightScope is a tremendous tool that will enhance the quality of club-fitting and instruction offerings at your facility.

Flightscope user Mitchell Dobbyn sharing how he uses Flightscope launch monitors to improve his game

Mitchell Dobbyn

I have only owned my FlightScope for a little over 4 months and I am absolutely amazed with the results. I now have a device…

Mitchell Dobbyn | Long Drive Competitor
Flightscope X2 user Alex Kane shares his experience with Flightscope's customer support

Alex Kane

I am a proud owner of a Flightscope X2, and I would like to tell you about my experience with the customer support team at…

Alex Kane |
FlightScope customer Anthony Gourley giving a testimonial for the FlightScope launch monitor.

Anthony Gourley

My daughter is the one who uses FlightScope. She plays at international level and is coached at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy by Andrew Nicholson,…

Anthony Gourley |
GolfBalled.Com's Co-founder and FlightScope Xi Tour user Corey Kasif.

Corey Kasif

Our annual segment called Club Wars wouldn’t be made possible without our FlightScope Xi Tour. I am able to track and manage swing data of…

Corey Kasif | Co Founder,
World Long Drive Champion Joe Miller giving a testimonial for FlightScope launch monitors / golf ball trackers.

Joe Miller

FlightScope is an essential piece of equipment, which assists me in optimizing my ball flight and maximizing distance. It allows me to focus on all…

Joe Miller | Two-Time ReMax World Long Drive Champion

Mike Adams

FlightScope is an incredible product!

Mike Adams | GOLF Magazine Top 100 Instructor, Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher
PGA Teaching Professional Dave Bove gives a testimonial for FlightScope X2 launch monitor / golf ball tracker.

Dave Bove

The FlightScope X2 is the best, most important piece of teaching technology that I own. Whether I am teaching at my home club, or traveling…

Dave Bove | PGA Teaching Professional, Tashua Knolls Golf Course
Swing Coach Paul Larson talks about how FlightScope launch monitors / golf ball trackers help in his and his students' practice sessions.

Paul Larson

I am a professional golfer who competes on the World Long Drive Tour and some mini tours around the nation! I am on Team USA…

Paul Larson | Swing Coach, Long Drive Competitor
PGA professional Rick Laforet gives a testimonial for FlightScope Academy.

Rick Laforet

The FlightScope Academy is a must for all instructors, teachers and coaches who wish to be on the leading edge of golf instruction. Not only…

Rick Laforet | Monarch Bay Learning Center
Tour player Horace Pennix talks about his experience in using FlightScope launch monitors / golf ball trackers.

Horace Pennix

When this idea of a home simulator started, I was lost. I was stuck in the marketing hype, until I found FlightScope. I started my…

Horace Pennix |
FlightScope X2 user and top instructor Rob Strano shares how the launch monitor / golf ball tracker helps make teaching easier.

Rob Strano

When it comes to training my players I love the features the X2 offers and the quick, accurate data I can impart to them. Couple…

Rob Strano | Strano Golf Academy
PGA Teaching Professional Eric Jones gives a testimonial for FlightScope launch monitors / golf ball trackers

Eric Jones

I’m a ‘radar evangelist’ because I believe FlightScope is changing the whole approach to ‘how to get better at golf.’ With FlightScope we can see…

Eric Jones | 2014 NOPGA Teacher of the Year and 2 Time World Long Drive Champion
PGA National Teacher of the Year Michael Breed talks about the impact of FlightScope X2 launch monitors on golf instruction.

Michael Breed

There is a reason FlightScope is my launch monitor of choice. I’ve researched everything that’s out there, and the features and accuracy that the X2…

Michael Breed | 2012 PGA National Teacher of the Year. Host of "The Golf Fix"
Nicklaus Academy's Ted Simons talking about how they use FlightScope Kudu indoor launch monitors at his academy.

Ted Simons

We have a number of FlightScope Kudu’s at various Nicklaus Academy locations in the world and have been impressed with not only the data and…

Ted Simons | Nicklaus Academies / Signature Academies
FlightScope user John Leighton giving a testimonial for FlightScope golf launch monitors / golf ball trackers.

John Leighton

Thanks for a great product and excellent service.

John Leighton | Golf Professional at The Ridge Golf Course
FlightScope user Colin Amaral giving a testimonial for FlightScope golf launch monitors / golf ball trackers.

Colin Amaral

I have been a PGA member for 13 years and have attended many educational seminars and hands down you guys did a great job. Many…

Colin Amaral | PGA Member
Golf Professional Tim Krouse gives a testimonial for FlightScope launch monitors / golf ball trackers.

Tim Krouse

The FlightScope has been a revolutionary tool to my toolbox for fitting clubs, and providing D plane teaching. No teacher or club fitter can afford…

Tim Krouse | Head Golf Professional at Effingham Country Club
Photo of FlightScope Advisory Board member Chuck Evans.

Chuck Evans

After evaluating the 3D Radar Systems on the market I chose FlightScope. FlightScope gives me, and my students, accurate and reliable information. Students love the…

Chuck Evans | Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher
Photo of Master Fitter Frank Viola who exclusively uses FlightScope launch monitors in his company, Ace of Clubs.

Frank Viola

In my opinion, credibility, honesty, integrity and trust are extremely important measurements of business that we pride ourselves on, here at the Ace of Clubs.…

Top 100 Fitter Lynn Griffin talks about how he uses FlightScope launch monitors for golf club fitting.

Lynn Gryffin

I’ve been using FlightScope for two years now and just received notice that I was named an International Top 100 Fitter for the second year…

PGA Professional and FlightScope user Ted Sheftic giving a testimonial for FlightScope golf launch monitors.

Ted Sheftic

FlightScope has become a very important part of my lessons and club fitting. At the Ted Sheftic Golf Learning Center I use FlightScope technology for…

PGA Professional Filip Goovaerts explaining how he uses FlightScope launch monitors / golf ball trackers for golf lessons.

Filip Goovaerts

After attending the FlightScope Conference, at Laurel Links NY, I started to look more deeply at the numbers and the feedback you get is amazing.…

Metropolitan Section Teacher of the Year Joseph Laurentino talks about how the FlightScope X2 launch monitor changed his teaching tactics.

Joseph Laurentino

The FlightScope X2 is an example of how advanced technology is changing the way we think and how we approach coaching golfers. This unit is…

Flightscope Advisory Board member Brad Brewer talks about how FlightScope launch monitors changed the way he teaches golf.

Brad Brewer

The FlightScope X2 is an example of how advanced technology is changing the way we think and how we approach coaching golfers. This unit is…

Brad Brewer | TOP – 100 INSTRUCTOR
Photo of top-ranking instructor and FlightScope golf launch monitor user Chuck Cook.

Chuck Cook

Having used launch monitors in both my teaching and club fitting for many years, I was astounded by the FlightScope launch monitor.The amount of information,…

Canada's Men's Team Head Coach Derek Ingram talks about how his FlightScope X2 launch monitor aid him in golf coaching.

Derek Ingram

I love my FlightScope X2 and use it extensively at home and on the road when I am teaching and coaching. Having it wireless and…

Derek Ingram | Canada’s National Men’s Team Head Coach.
FlightScope Advisory Board Member Stephen Aumock explaining how useful FlightScope launch monitors can be for golf lessons.

Stephen Aumock

FlightScope has become a must for any golfer or instructor that is serious about going to the next level. The interface of the technology is…

Stephen Aumock | PGA Master Instructor at Gleneagles Country Club
FlightScope user Ron Hornbaker giving a testimonial for FlightScope golf launch monitors / golf ball trackers.

Ron Hornbaker

FlightScope helps us ensure that we eliminate guesswork by providing an accurate measurement of launch angle, swing speed and spin rate.

Ron Hornbaker | Senior Vice President of Sales & Operations Golf Galaxy
National Fitter of the Year Bobby VanSweden explains why a FlightScope launch monitor is a must in club fitting.

Bob Van Sweden

I am a firm believer in this day and age that to fit your clients properly, a launch monitor system is a must have piece…

Bob Van Sweden | Taylor Made Golf, National Fitter of the year 2008
Photo of Top Golf Instructor and FlightScope X2 launch monitor user Mitchell Spearman.

Mitchell Spearman

FlightScope has greatly enhanced my ability to give accurate measured feedback to my students which promotes confidence in them to continue to improve their game.

Mitchell Spearman | Recognized as one of Golf Magazine’s “Top 100 Instructors” for over a decade
Logo of Joe Kwok Golf which uses a FlightScope golf launch monitor for golf club fitting.

Joe Kwok

It’s THE BEST value launch monitor machine in the market now for a real golf business or someone who has money to invest that won’t…

Joe Kwok | Club Solutions
Grand Cypress Academy of Golf Director Fred Griffin shares how using FlightScope launch monitors is an integral part of their golf lessons.

Fred Griffin

FlightScope is a very important part of each lesson at The Grand Cypress Academy of Golf. FlightScope provides the most accurate information available for golf…

Fred Griffin | Director of the Grand Cypress Academy of Golf