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Jose Filipe Lima, with five Tour wins is on MyFlightScope.com, are you?

11 January 2013

News from Myflightscope.com is that Jose Filipe Lima, a five time winner on tour is currently lying second on the tough Major Championship leaderboard. Top spot however goes to Jason Diab, with an impressive score of 61/100. Currently, Jason is trying to qualify for the Sunshine Tour and has been using X2 Skills to hone his game ahead of qualifying. To view all the latest rankings and leaderboards, enter www.myflightscope.com and click on “View a Different Leaderboard”.

Each leaderboard is linked to a challenge which can be played on the Mobile X2 Skills App while connected to a FlightScope launch monitor. After selecting and completing a challenge the results will be uploaded to MyFlightScope.com where players can later analyse shot details to a greater extent. Through MyFlightScope.com players will, for the first time, have the opportunity to compete against family and friends, while not even being in the same country. So have you tried it out?

The beauty of MyFlightScope.com is that you do not need to have your own FlightScope to be a member. Simply download the Skills App on your mobile device, locate a Golf Pro or driving range near you that has a flightscope, book a lesson and upload your data. To find the closest FlightScope golf launch monitor to you go to Find a FlightScope


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