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Photo of FlightScope launch monitor user Greg Havret who shared his experience in using his FlightScope.

New FlightScope X2 owner, Gregory Havret, gives feedback

17 October 2011

"I missed four cuts in a row, its true. I am critical and hard on myself, but I don’t feel "out on the street," I do not miss by much each time. I used to rely a lot on my good driving, up until the British Open. It is a slightly worse since and that cost me a lot after the holidays. But my game is back since the KLM Open in the Netherlands. I am confident for the rest of the year.

But hear about my new toy

I’ve got my FlightScope! I can’t stop practising with it. It is great fun to play with. I love to compare my feelings with the tangible data from the radar. I immediately see the result of any slight swing or stroke changes that previously took me hours or even days to fathom out.

With this aid, I train in particular the shots under 100 meters. Poor striking and distance control with wedges is my biggest problem without a doubt. And when I look at one of the best in the world, Luke Donald, I’m nowhere. That’s where it is at. I can’t wait to be calmer on the course knowing that whatever happens, I can really rely on my short game.

So, I now start all my work sessions for half an hour or even an hour with my wedges. I did not do this before, not from idleness but rather because felt that I knew my distances when it actually was not really the case. Today I know immediately the distances that I get. I no longer just know I was within 5 meters. I have greater and extended range accuracy, and am more precise in this sector of play today. I hope that eventually these benchmarks will be quickly very practical to me in tournaments.

I don’t obviously rely 100% on this tool, but I realize that, thanks to it, I train more. Already, because it's a lot of fun, but especially because the feedback is immediate and accurate. I am gradually getting better and more precise practise, with this FlightScope."