Brad Brewer talks about how using Flightscope with FocusBand helps his students get results.

Brad Brewer- How FocusBand Helps My Students Get Results

07 September 2016

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Golf Digest’s Top 50 Instructor in Florida Brad Brewer shares how using FlightScope combined with FocusBand helps validate his student’s routines and habits by giving them insight on their mental state. Brad emphasizes how important mental training in golf is in helping his student’s improve.

Skills v3.0.1

14 July 2016

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Updates: European units updated in the settings menu

Andrew Park talks about how he uses the FlightScope launch monitor and FocusBand in the newly integrated Skills app.

FocusBand & FlightScope Skills Integration Training with Andrew Park

08 July 2016

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Golf Digest’s Top 50 Teacher Andrew Park goes in depth on how he uses FlightScope and FocusBand in the newly integrated Skills app.

Skills v3.0.0

20 June 2016

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Updates: FocusBand (mental training) integration with data backup New parameter: low point Added metric system for distance & imperial system for speed Short Indoor Mode now available Shot Type added to bottom bar FTT & FTP both available to view on bottom bar Data displayed with updated units of measurements Added virtual box displaying optimal…

Thumbnail photo for a video advertisement promoting FlightScope's line of golf ball trackers / launch monitors.

FlightScope – Measuring a Moment

19 April 2016

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Leading the way in development and manufacturing of sports technology, FlightScope employs a high performance, low power 3D Doppler tracking radar with phased array antenna technology and advanced ballistic flight analysis software. FlightScope is in use by top golf instructors, club fitters and tour players all over the world, and is designed to help golfers…

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