X2 v7.11
X2.1 v8.11
X2.2 v9.09

10 December 2013

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This release includes the following update: 1. Indoor shot shape improvements

X2 v7.10
X2.1 v8.10
X2.2 v9.08

15 October 2013

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– new measurements

Photo showing the logo of the FlightScope VX launch monitor app for iOS and Android devices.

X2 v6.14

13 June 2013

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Short info, improved tracking and spin processing

Photo of Top Golf Instructor and FlightScope X2 golf launch monitor user Mitchell Spearman explaining how to set it up.

Mitchell Spearman demo’s X2 setup

04 April 2012

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FlightScope X2 basic setup and use

Photo showing FlightScope CEO Henri Johnson interviewing FlightScope tour player Sandra Gal.

Sandra Gal: PGA Merch Show 2012

06 February 2012

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Henri Johnson, FlightScope’s CEO, interviews Sandra Gal

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