Skills v2.9.6

07 April 2016

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Updates: Bottom bar view refreshed Sensor model data filtering changed Slow club swing enabled Improved synchronization Improved camera alignment view for X2E sensors New Short Indoor Mode Other improvements

Skills v2.8.45

11 January 2016

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Updates: Improved radar status messages during shots Xi units show “Busy” while radar is arming Radar goes into Low Power Mode to preserve battery when battery is low Improved synchronization Improved tilt and roll reporting Japanese language option now available Other improvements

Skills v2.8.5

19 August 2015

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Updates: Improved flow for QR Code function Improved/fixed messages from radar. Arm message was shown in app even though the radar wasn’t armed yet Audio messages improved DB check fixed Improved arming time of unit due to reduction in wait time

Skills v2.8.0

27 July 2015

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Updates: iOS8 updates Backup & restore now available in Advanced Settings Improved radar leveling statuses and alert messages Improved synchronization with Surface type updates

Skills v2.7.0

09 June 2015

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Updates: iOS8 updates Improved startup sequence Improved radar communication Firmware download updates Improved synchronization 64-bit support for Apple devices

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