FlightScope X2 user and top instructor Rob Strano shares how the launch monitor / golf ball tracker helps make teaching easier.

Rob Strano

02 February 2015

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When it comes to training my players I love the features the X2 offers and the quick, accurate data I can impart to them. Couple that with the new BodiTrak pressure mat and I can move through a lesson with a student more efficiently and get them practicing the correct way to improve faster than…

PGA Teaching Professional Eric Jones gives a testimonial for FlightScope launch monitors / golf ball trackers

Eric Jones

26 November 2014

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I’m a ‘radar evangelist’ because I believe FlightScope is changing the whole approach to ‘how to get better at golf.’ With FlightScope we can see things we could never see before. FlightScope radar looks at the club in motion and tracks the ball in flight. It gives us precise feedback for things like club path,…

FlightScope Advisory Board Member Stephen Aumock explaining how useful FlightScope launch monitors can be for golf lessons.

Stephen Aumock

09 May 2013

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FlightScope has become a must for any golfer or instructor that is serious about going to the next level. The interface of the technology is so easy to use and comprehend. It provides the instant feedback that we need as instructors and players to more deeply understand the club/ball collision and swing patterns. Not only…

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