3D animated video promoting the FlightScope X2 golf launch monitor / golf ball tracker.

3D Animation of X2

03 February 2012

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3D-animation of X2 (360° rotation video)

Photo of Leaderboard CEO showing how FlightScope golf launch monitors can be used for club fitting.

CEO of Leaderboard club fitted on a FlightScope

06 January 2012

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Custom club fitting with an X2 – British video

FlightScope application specialist David Nel explaining FlightScope golf launch monitors' D plane feature.

A clip from the D plane presentation by David Nel of FlightScope

31 October 2011

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David Nel, a FlightScope application specialist, explains the D plane of a golf swing.

PGA Professional Joseph Laurentino using a FlightScope golf launch monitor to track game data.

Joseph Laurentino

05 October 2011

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Joseph Laurentino on 12 News

Photo from an event where FlightScope golf launch monitors / golf ball trackers were exhibited.

David Nel

31 January 2011

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David Nel’s video demo of the X2 Golf Launch Monitor

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