Skills v.2.1.12

29 April 2015

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Updates: Improved send feedback feature

Skills v2.6.0

07 April 2015

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Updates: Backup restoration opportunity: restore Xi Skills app data on a fresh install of FlightScope Skills QR Codes reader updated Firmware update changes Combines now supporting multi player Sending feedback feature updated X2 Elite camera zoom updates

Skills v2.5.0

02 March 2015

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Updates: Now supporting the x2 elite x2 elite Radar Camera alignment  Build Custom Challenge: PGA Tour Average distance to the pin determines default size for full score zone Shot Plot: new data display Improved display of session statistics  Expanded short game stats Expanded PGA comparison bar charts Improved synchronization with

Skills v2.1.1

25 August 2014

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Updates: Login functionality Player statistics available for all sessions Voice assistant Zoomed target view Range ball functionality in outdoor mode Follow-the-ball camera angle User interface improvements

Skills v2.4.0

04 August 2014

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Updates: User experience improvements

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