FlightScope v11.0.12

26 October 2017

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Changes from v11.0.11 to v11.0.12 Updates: X3 Updates Enabled Swing Only Mode for X3 Enabled Short Indoor Mode for X3 X3 now automatically levels to 2 degrees when short indoor mode is used. X3 now disarms when going into sleep mode. Increased the X3 boresight camera resolution. Fixed X3 tilt range message for when automatic…

FlightScope v11.0.11

03 July 2017

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Changes from v11.0.10 to v11.0.11: Updates: Improved ball detection for X3 for tee position calculation. Removed URL from PDF report. Includes FlightScope Troubleshooter v1.11. Fixed out of memory issue with a 3000+ session database. Fixed the missing dll error when X3 firmware is written. Bundled latest Xi v3.16 and X3 v1.03 firmware. Fixed UDP Discovery…

FlightScope v11.0.10

11 May 2017

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Changes from v11.0.9 to v11.0.10: Updates: Fixed Ball Origin Test for X3. Possible fix for X3 sample downloading freeze. Fixed chipping measurements for X3. X3 Slow Swing Speed mode update. UI Updates Fixed the 3D club exception when a shot is deleted in play mode and “Next” is clicked.

FlightScope v11.0.9

18 April 2017

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Changes from v11.0.5 to v11.0.9 Updates: Added X3 support Removed old user manuals. Includes X3 v1.02 Release firmware. Pressure mat buffer fix.

PC Software v11.0.5

05 December 2016

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Changes from v11.0.3 to v11.0.5 Updates: Video recording improvements Added mini FocusBand overlay New settings for cameras Improved navigating in video by frames Added trim button Setup view improved Syncing to improvements User interface improvements Bug fixes Improved Camera Support

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