PGA Teacher Lou Guzzi talks about how he uses Flightscope launch monitors in his lessons to help students learn faster

Lou Guzzi on how FlightScope plays a key role in his lessons

18 July 2016

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2013 National PGA Teacher of the Year Lou Guzzi talks about how using the FlightScope launch monitor in his lessons helps his students learn quickly and validates what they need to alter to get their game on target.

PC Software v11.0.3

13 May 2016

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Changes from v11 to v11.0.3 Updates: Support added for Xi+ and Xi sensors Improved Xi Tour, Xi+, Xi WiFi connection Support added for new compatible cameras: Point Grey (GigE) Basler (GigE) IDS (USB 3) Japanese, French and Chinese translation updates Including latest Xi AVR firmware v0.38 User interface improvements Bug fixes System Requirements: PC Software…

PC Software v11

03 March 2016

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Changes from v10.0.1 to v11 Updates: FocusBand integration (only supported on Windows 8.1 & 10)  Ability to record video (supports Point Grey USB Cameras) Ability to draw on video clips and compare videos side-by-side  Synchronizes data with Full screen support System Requirements: PC Software v11 is supported only on Windows Vista SP2 or higher….

PC Software v10.0.1

06 February 2015

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Changes from v9.0.3 to v10.0.1 Updates: Added support for the new FlightScope x2 elite sensor.  FlightScope v10.0.1 has a new trial period and must be activated.  FlightScope Firmware Writer v4.4 is bundled with the install.  General UI/report updates. 

PC Software v9.0.3

12 September 2014

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Changes from v9.0.2 to v9.0.3 New Features: Added “Estimated Spin” display for indoor shots where the dot was not detected on the ball. It is displayed with an asterisk character next to the spin. A tooltip hint also gives more information. Updates: Clubs/Players/Balls with no shots will not be included in the published summary table….

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