PC Software v9.0.3

12 September 2014

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Changes from v9.0.2 to v9.0.3 New Features: Added “Estimated Spin” display for indoor shots where the dot was not detected on the ball. It is displayed with an asterisk character next to the spin. A tooltip hint also gives more information. Updates: Clubs/Players/Balls with no shots will not be included in the published summary table….

Photo of the FlightScope Troubleshooter which helps FlightScope technicians fix FlightScope launch monitor / golf ball tracker issues.

FlightScope Troubleshooter

02 September 2014

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A short tutorial video on how to use the FlightScope Troubleshooter which helps our support technicians to easily identify and resolve issues.

PC Software v8.0.6

19 August 2014

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Changes from v8.0.5 to v8.0.6 Updates: User experience updates. The latest firmware is bundled with this release:Kudu, Prime and X1: v5.47X2: v7.13X2.1: v8.13X2.2: v9.11

Video of FlightScope user Rob Strano demonstrating how to use FlightScope launch monitors to fix common swing problems.

Tales from the Tour, Part 1

14 August 2014

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Former tour Player, Rob Strano, uses a FlightScope golf launch monitor with an integrated BodiTrak pressure mat in this video. He demonstrates how he fixed a commononplace swing problem for a player he once played with.

FlightScope Optimizer

06 August 2014

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A video demonstration of the Driver Optimizer feature available in our Xi+, VX2 and PC software. The Driver Optimizer is designed to maximize the distance on driver shots. Through manipulating smash factor, vertical launch and backspin numbers the user is able to see which changes will have the most impact. This makes it a great…

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