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Par2Pro video at the PGA show with all of FlightScope’s latest innovations

9 February 2023

The interview by Par2Pro took place at the 2023 PGA Show where FlightScope announced a number of software and hardware features for their range of golf radars.

Face Impact Location was the first topic of discussion. It will be released for the Mevo+ and the X3 golf radars. This new feature is extremely beneficial for all golf player types from the weekend warrior to the Golf Pro. The ability to instantaneously see where on the club face the ball hit and the effect it had on the shot's parameters is extremely useful. The feature is available for free to X3 customers and Mevo+ customers who have the Pro Package are able to buy it as an add-on.

The Mevo+ 2023 model was announced at this year's PGA show. It has an upgraded kick stand at the back of the radar and the battery life is now improved to up to three hours. The new PC Software coming out will be compatible with the Mevo+ and the X3 golf radars. The E6 simulation package that comes with the PC Software now has 10 courses included with it.

Multicam with artificial reality functionality was launched at the show too. Once a golf shot has been hit, on this functionality, the trajectory will stay in place. The user is able to see the trajectory when they walk around or through the trajectory while looking at the iPad or iPhone.

Watch the video above to see some of the new innovations FlightScope has to offer during 2023.