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Flightscope team accompanies Bryson DeChambeau at the Genesis Open Pro-Am

I played in a pro-am with Bryson DeChambeau and here’s what I learned

27 February 2018

Full Article Via Golf World

Teeing it up with a PGA Tour pro seems like a pipe dream, but it doesn't have to be. If you're willing and able to spend a small fortune, the PGA Tour helps make that dream a reality every week by way of its Wednesday pro-ams. The chance to spend four quality hours with a professional who's all but mastered an impossibly frustrating sport should be on every golfer's bucket list, and that's why I couldn't resist a last-minute invite to compete in the Genesis Open pro-am. I had no idea what to expect heading to the first tee. I ended up getting paired with Bryson DeChambeau, and here are five things I learned.