The Xi+ app includes features ranging from detailed shot analysis viewable in table format to shot groupings for one club or all clubs.

Real-Time tracking of Measured Data

Quickly scroll through all your shots/clubs and see exactly how your student performed. Select which data parameters to group on the right hand side of screen.

Toggle Between Groupings of one Club or All Clubs

The ideal shot dispersion assessement tool that shows shot groupings along with important data parameters such as speed and distance.

2D Views

Multiple 2D club views with both club and ball data parameters.

Speed Profile

Shows the club head speed profile away from the radar, for both pre and post impact.

Acceleration Profile

Club head acceleration profile is an indication of the shaft tendencies in delivering the club head to the ball

xi plus

The FlightScope Xi+ App Allows Flexibility to Customize the Experience.

The app can display selected data points that are interchangeable. Some golf professionals prefer to focus on club-head speed and distance, while others might focus on lateral deviation and spin.