FlightScope X2 Charging Maximize Battery Life

Handle Position

Ensure that the handle of the FlightScope X2 is down and is in its normal operating position.


Plugging in

The FlightScope X2 must be turned on and plugged into a power outlet. Make sure the green indicator lamp on the Power Supply Unit is on.


Disconnect all devices

Please ensure the FlightScope X2 is not connected to any devices, by either USB cable or Wi-Fi connection. Also, check that none of the mobile device applications are running, as the FlightScope X2 will not charge.



The Status and Connected LED’s will flash blue while the Charging LED will flash orange to indicate that the unit is charging.


Important Note

The FlightScope X2 will lose its charge over time, even while not in use. We suggest charging the FlightScope X2 overnight, prior to every use.