Sensor Cheetah 50

Portable high end golf tracking system.

Cheetah was the successor to the Pro and Pro II models, with enhanced tracking features. Used in the professional applications market.

This product is no longer supported, please contact sales for trade-in options

Target Market

The FlightScope Cheetah was aimed at professional golf players, teachers, and club fitters requiring superior ball tracking measurement capability.

Uses and Benefits

The FlightScope Cheetah is an outdoor ball trajectory monitor that can measure the entire flight path of a golf ball in 3D with great accuracy, typically within 1 to 2 yards for carry distance.


Original launch date: Q4 2005


The FlightScope Cheetah measures true 3D data for the club and the ball, as well as ball spin directly, with no special ball marking required, at accuracies unsurpassed in the field. Data parameters included:

  • Ball launch data (speed, angles, smash factor, and measured spin)
  • Club swing data (speed, acceleration, angles)
  • Real time tracked ball trajectory, and trajectory data such as carry distance, lateral distance, roll distance, and shot shape
  • Aerodynamic ball flight data (dynamic drag and lift coefficients as a function of Reynolds number, for characterization of different ball types)


The FlightScope Cheetah comprised a sensor system intended primarily for use outdoor use. Software was compatible to run on Windows based PC’s.