X2 Elite

The next generation of radar performance

With incredible new features and capabilities, the X2 Elite possessed dramatically superior performance over any other launch monitor during its peak.

Target Market

The FlightScope X2 Elite target market was teaching professionals, tour players, club fitters and retail stores. The X2 Elite was also suited for home use in a suitable environment and could be used in conjunction with the FlightScope PC software, Apple and Android applications. The X2 Elite could also be used as a golf simulator.

Uses and Benefit

The FlightScope X2 Elite was the next generation 3D club and ball tracking radar. It provided 28 unique measurements of club, ball and swing data. It was considered the industry leader because it surpassed the competition in all aspects ranging from design to worldwide support. Verified with a ultra-high speed camera, the X2 Elite provided unmatched accuracy.


Q1 2014


The X2 Elite used the same technology as the award winning FlightScope X2. Accurate distances, club speed and ball speed were provided to the amateur golfer - the same data pros depend on to hone their skills.

  • Compatible with Skills, VX and PC software
  • Compatible with FocusBand
  • Could be used indoors and outdoors
  • Driver Optimizer
  • Club Head Speed, Smash Factor
  • Carry Distance, Total Distance, Roll Distance, Ball Speed, Landing Position
  • Lateral Deviation, Skills Distance to the Pin, Skills Score, Grouping
  • Video comparison


The FlightScope X2 Elite was a battery powered sensor unit with a WiFi data interface to PCs and mobile devices. The X2 Elite's software was able to run on Windows, iOS and Android systems.

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