2006 - FlightScope Pro sensor

World’s first portable golf tracking system.

FlightScope’s first commercially available golf measuring system for professionals and public users.

This product is no longer supported, please contact sales for trade-in options

Target Market

The FlightScope Pro was aimed at equipment manufacturers, retailers, teachers and training academies, and other professionals in the golf industry.

Applications and Use

  • Club fitting to measure the performance of a player with various clubs in order to determine the best fit
  • Club Calibration to determine a player’s performance with each of his bag’s clubs
  • Teaching/player evaluation to measure the performance of a player at any time, especially against historical performance as part of a teaching course


Original launch date: Q1/2003


The FlightScope Pro monitored the golf ball’s flight and club, including:

  • Full path measurement of carry distance, height, flight time
  • Launch angles
  • Launch speeds - ball & club
  • Club swing data
  • Smash factor
  • Rotational rate
  • Spin rates
  • Graphs of ball trajectory, grouping
  • Shot statistic trends and grouping
  • Games - longest drive, closest to pin
  • Report generation and printout
  • Saving and retrieval of historical shot data


The system was able to be used indoors and outdoors, as both a transportable unit or in a fixed installation.