2006 - FlightScope Pro sensor

The tracking engine for golf simulators.

FlightScope’s first commercially available golf measuring system. Used since 2003 as the ball-tracking technology in thousands of premium brand indoor golf simulators.

This product is no longer supported, please contact sales for trade-in options

Target Market

The FlightScope TBox was originally aimed to be a launch monitor and ball tracking system for indoor golf simulators.

Applications and Use

The FlightScope TBox measured both the ball launch parameters and club parameters for indoor golf simulators. The sensor was exclusively supplied to AboutGolf Limited of Toledo, Ohio, USA.


Original launch date: Q1/2003


The FlightScope TBox monitored the golf ball’s flight and club, including:

  • Ball launch data (speed, angles, measured spin, and smash factor)
  • Club data (speed, path)

Data outputs are rapid (near real time) to enable realism of the indoor golf simulation. In addition, putting measurements are also supported. This enabled the simulation of all possible golf shots down to short putts – a world first with a single tracking sensor.

The system integrated with the AboutGolf’s indoor golf simulator software.


The TBox unit comprised of a stand-alone sensor integrated with third-party golf simulation software.