Compact golf tracking system to serve indoor market.

The golf market demanded a more cost-effective, compact device for indoor club fitting and testing centers. Tour was designed to be highly portable and suited to both indoor and outdoor applications.

This product is no longer supported, please contact sales for trade-in options

Target Market

The FlightScope Tour (which was smaller than the Pro II) was limited to OEM’s and volume buyers, e.g. for golf equipment sales forces, or large scale installations.

Applications and Use

  • Club fitting
  • Club comparison
  • Club calibration
  • Teaching
  • Player evaluation
  • Player performance measurement
  • Entertainment


Original launch date: Q4 2003


The FlightScope Tour monitored the golf ball’s flight and club, including:

  • Carry distance, height, flight time
  • Launch angles
  • Launch speeds - ball & club
  • Club swing
  • Smash factor
  • Rotation rate
  • Spin rates
  • Graphs of ball trajectory, grouping
  • Shot statistic trends and grouping
  • Integrated with video analysis software
  • Report generation and print out
  • Save/retrieve historical shots


The system included a compact sensor that operated from an AC adapter. The system was able to be used indoors and outdoors, as both a transportable unit or in a fixed installation.