FlightScope X1

World-class technology, made affordable.

The X1 did not offer the luxury of wireless connection and other features found in the X2, it did however still offer the same performance. The FlightScope X1 is best suited for stationary positions where it would be connected to a PC.

This product is no longer supported, please contact sales for trade-in options

Target Market

The FlightScope X1 target market was not limited to Golf retails stores, as the X1 could be used for both fitting and teaching. The X1 would also be suited to home use in a suitable environment and can be used in conjunction with the FlightScope PC software and FlightScope PC Skills software. The one aspect of the FlightScope X1 which cuts it short of being the equal of the X2, is simply the limited access to the Apple and Android apps provided by FlightScope.

Uses and Benefit

The FlightScope X1 provided the same quality data as the X2 but at a reduced cost. Data such as Carry Distance is typically within 2-4 yards for driving distances of 250+ yards. On shorter distances such as 150 yards the X1 achieved even greater accuracy by measuring shots within 1-2 yards.



The FlightScope X1 tracked the club movement in 3D, for both indoors and outdoors, without having to put any markers onto the club itself. Not only did the FlightScope X1 measure club head speed at impact, it also measured the club head speed profile throughout the strike zone, allowing it to also measure the angle of attack in both vertical and horizontal.

  • Real Time trajectory tracking
  • Club and ball speed, Carry distance and Total distance
  • Table of detailed measured parameters
  • Driver Optimizer
  • Club information, Angle of attack, Horizontal Swing plane, Face angle, Club path.
  • Backspin and spin Access
  • Grouping


The FlightScope X1 comprised of a battery powered sensor unit with USB data interfaces to a PC. System software is compatible to run on Windows based PC’s.