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Q&A with Rob Strano

1 August 2018
Golf Channel Academy Lead Instructor Rob Strano combines his unique experience as both a professional golfer and a teacher of a training program for golfers at all levels. Early in his professional career, he was a Lead Instructor with the golf schools at Pine Needles Resort in Pinehurst, NC. Now based out of Destin, FL, Rob’s training program is an accumulation of his experience as a teacher, student and player competing against the best golfers in the world. A native to St. Louis, Rob grew up at the same country club as 1968 Masters Champion Bob Goalby and touring professionals Jay and Jerry Haas and Frank Connor. He started golfing at the age of six, aided by a putting green his father installed in the backyard of their home. Rob went on to play professional golf for 15 years on the three major U.S. Tours, and had his fifth and final win at the 1999 Energizer Invitational. He earned his reputation as one of the "nicest players on tour" by offering his expertise at numerous charity events and outings. He even developed a national deaf youth instruction program, and travels the country teaching children how to play golf in sign language at Tour events. Rob is a three-time Honorable Mention Top 50 Youth Golf Instructor by U.S. Kids Golf, and is widely considered one of the top putting instructors in the country. His new putting aid "Fuzion Dyn-A-line" has been an incredible success at helping players execute a better stroke and make more putts. Rob has been a loyal FlightScope user and Advisory Board member for many years, and continues to use the technology to coach his students daily.   FS: When did you first start using FlightScope products? What model was it?
RS: I started using FlightScope about years ago with the X2. FS: What product(s) do you currently use and why?
RS: I use the X2 because it is accurate, has always worked for me and is the most cost-efficient model. FS: What is it about FlightScope technology, products, and the company in general that has made you a loyal user?
RS: Great people and great product!   FS: What are your thoughts on the new FlightScope consumer model - FlightScope mevo - and how it might help grow and improve the game?
RS: It is a great way to get quick launch monitor data from a small, portable unit.   FS: What is your favorite golf course?
RS: Pebble Beach FS: What is your favorite club in your bag?
RS: Putter FS: What other hobbies do you have outside of golf?
RS: Fishing FS: Who is your favorite golfer of all time?
RS: Arnold Palmer   FS: Are you a fan of any other sports? Who are your favorite teams?
RS: All sports - St. Louis Cardinals baseball, St. Louis Blues hockey, Florida State & Notre Dame football   FS: What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of?
RS: 15 years as a tour professional   To learn more about Rob, visit stranogolf.com.