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Logo of Golf WRX which recently published player data taken from a FlightScope golf launch monitor for analysis.

Ryann O’Toole’s actual FlightScope “screenshots” from the LPGA CME Group Titleholders

22 November 2011

I'm really surprised that more of the LPGA players are not taking advantage of the FlightScope technology that is available for them at Grand Cypress this week during the CME Group Titleholders.

FlightScope has 5 monitors set up on the range for the girls to use. Henri Johnson (FlightScope CEO & President is a member at Grand Cypress) & David Nell
(FlightScope Application Specialist) are both available to help the girls. 

Fred Griffin (PGA Director of Instruction at the Grand Cypress Academy of Golf) is the third guy in the photo discussing some of the numbers of the players.

I like the fact that everything is wireless & works back to an iPad, iPhone or iPod. There is going to be a consumer product coming out soon from what I've heard.

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