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FlightScope Introduces Skills Assessment Application

8 June 2012

ORLANDO, FL – June 07, 2012 – FlightScope, maker of the world’s first wireless 3D tracking radar for golf, has released the first PC version of its revolutionary new software, FlightScope Skills, to add to its already world class PC and Apps software.

The new software will allow golfers to assess and benchmark their golf games indoors or outdoors using a set of virtual targets to aim at during a practice session. Each shot is given a score based on the ball’s proximity to the target. Scores are cumulated for all targets, to give an overall session total. The FlightScope Skills game is fully customizable allowing for the number of targets, target shape, distance and size to be set depending on the players goal. Golfers can also create extra pressure during games by adding a time limit and even have targets pop up randomly to mimic a real golf round.

Golf teachers and club fitters will find FlightScope Skills a very useful tool when assessing player weaknesses or testing equipment with detailed reports on 11 ball parameters and 7 club parameters for every swing on every target.

FlightScope Skills can be played indoors or outdoors and will also soon be available on mobile devices for use with FlightScopes wireless X series launch monitors.

This new stand-alone PC application will be available to all new and existing FlightScope customers and will give them yet more uses for their FlightScope.

For more information or a demo of the new FlightScope Skills or FlightScopes wireless X series radars, visit www.FlightScope.com.


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EDH, maker of FlightScope®, is a product development company founded in 1989 by Henri Johnson, inventor and electronic engineer. EDH develops products for the defense and sports markets, and has as its core expertise the design and development of 3D tracking radar systems. FlightScope® was first demonstrated in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl., in 2001; and was introduced at the 2004 PGA Merchandise Show. In addition to its use at high-profile teaching academies and by club fitters worldwide, Tour professionals and avid golfers devoted to game improvement use FlightScope®, for personal practice. FlightScope is also known for its ease of use as well as the precision and accuracy of its technology. FlightScope® employs phased array and ballistic tracking technology to accurately record ball trajectory and actual launch data.



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