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Stephen Aumock talking about the Flightscope X2 and X3 launch monitors at a Q & A

Stephen Aumock: A Deeper Understanding with the X3

28 February 2017
Stephen Aumock is not only a FlightScope Advisor Board member, he is the Director of Instruction for FlightScope Academy Professional Level Certification. In 2009, he was awarded the PGA’s highest designation, Master Instructor, an honor only achieved by approximately 100 instructors around the world. We asked Stephen what he is looking forward to the most with the FlightScope X3 and this is what he had to say:   "As a AimPoint Certified Level 2 Instructor, I am fascinated by the movement of the ball on the green. With the X3 we will now be able to quantify how every putt rolls on the green. A deeper understanding of that will allow me to improve my teaching and my own game." "Chipping is one of the least studied areas in golf. Now that the X3 has the capabilities to capture finesse shots, I am looking forward to taking a deeper dive into chipping. To be able to understand what spin rates, launch angles, and smash factors create optimal results will be awesome. I have my suspicions of what the answers will be, but to have them validated with the image processing and improved radar combination will really help to deepen my understanding." "Distance control is such an important part of putting. Now with the X3’s ability to track putts and map out dispersions, we can really hone in our putting distance control. I am looking forward to studying capture speeds on putts inside 15 feet to see what is optimal. We hear everything from 10 inches past to 2.5ft past. Now we will really be able to get some concrete answers. Using that information, I can then create drills with my X3 that will help my students hole more putts."