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FlightScope Advisory Board Member Stephen Aumock explaining why angle of attack is a major focus point of tour professionals.

Stephen Aumock on Angle of Attack

20 October 2015

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Stephen Aumock explains why angle of attack is a major focus point of tour professionals. He takes an in depth look at the different aspects, of the golf game, that angle of attack affects.

PGA Teaching Professional Peter Finch showing how FlightScope launch monitors / golf ball trackers can help improve shot accuracy.

Should You Hit Down with a Fairway Wood?

23 December 2014

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Peter Finch demonstrates, on his FlightScope X2 launch monitor, how hitting down and generating a negative angle of attack with a 3 wood can increase the accuracy of one’s shots.

FlightScope Advisory Board Member Stephen Aumock explaining how useful FlightScope launch monitors can be for golf lessons.

Numbers simplify the game – Stephen Aumock talks about FlightScope

05 March 2014

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The video was taken at the NTPGA teaching summit, where Stephen Aumock did a presentation and demo on the FlightScope golf launch monitor. He talks about how the measurements taken by his X2 simplified his teaching, its accuracy and the impact it had on his students. In this 40min instructional video Stephen shows the audience…

Michael Jacobs and Rick Nielsen discussing how a FlightScope launch monitor can be used to make swing adjustments.

Instructional video with Michael Jacobs, Rick Nielsen and a X2 golf launch monitor

30 April 2012

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Michael Jacobs and Rick Nielsen uses a FlightScope golf launch monitor to illustrate exactly what “angle of attack”, “vertical swing plane” and “horizontal swing plane” is.

PGA Professional John Graham tries out and reviews the FlightScope X2 Golf Launch Monitor.

John Graham Reviews the new FlightScope X2 Golf Launch Monitor

02 February 2011

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In this post John looks specifically at the FlightScope X2’s Angle of Attack. “…I have been quite critical about the FlightScope machines and there ability to accurately measure the club delivery data.  Specifically, there ability to measure the club heads Angle of Attack into the ball for an iron shot.  This information is critical for…