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Corey McAlarney on Teaching and Fitting with a FlightScope

06 July 2015

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McAlarney, assistant pro at Elkview, gives an overview of how FlightScope enables him to improve his students’ golf game faster than ever. His student, Katie Zefran, comments on her experience being club fitted and taught on the golf radar. Katie also talks about how golf launch monitor technology, that used to be accessible to the…

Abu Dhabi City Golf Club’s FlightScope Session Video

10 June 2014

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Tom Wraight, PGA Teaching Professional, demonstrates how they use their FlightScope as both a teaching aid and a club fitting tool. In this short video he touches on some of the major benfits coaches and students experience when using a golf launch monitor at their club. Use the link below for more information on Abu…

Numbers simplify the game – Stephen Aumock talks about FlightScope

05 March 2014

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The video was taken at the NTPGA teaching summit, where Stephen Aumock did a presentation and demo on the FlightScope golf launch monitor. He talks about how the measurements taken by his X2 simplified his teaching, its accuracy and the impact it had on his students. In this 40min instructional video Stephen shows the audience…


MyGolfSpy shaft flex analysis

12 December 2013

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MyGolfSpy recently used their FlightScope golf launch monitor to debunk some commonly held myths concerning shaft flex. By using their X2 they were able to remove the guess work around fitting the proper shaft to a unique individual and rather looked at the information retrieved from the measurements taken. Use the link below for this…

10 things to do (and not to do) before your next fitting

15 October 2013

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Great new article on on the do’s and don’ts when going for club fitting session. The article looks at why club fitters with a launch monitor tend to be higher rated than those without, why it is important to go for a fitting (even before going to a lesson) and how to get the…

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