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Simulator Software

30 April 2019

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Simulator Software Price Lists     E6 Connect Discription COST $ * COST € Software purchace $2500 € Annual Support $300 € Annual Support with Course / Game updates $600 € Upgrade from E6 1.6 to E6 Connect $1500 € E6 Connect iOS $1500 €   Creative Golf 3D Type COST $ * COST € Basic $ €1250 Per…


09 December 2016

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Certification and FlightScope University   Certification Info: – The only way to become Professional Certified is by attending a Live Academy. Anyone can attend (Customers, prospects, etc.). If they want to become Operator Certified, they need to have a FlightScope unit as well as an active support agreement. This training is about an hour over…

Photo of the FlightScope Troubleshooter which helps FlightScope technicians fix FlightScope launch monitor / golf ball tracker issues.

FlightScope Troubleshooter

02 September 2014

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A short tutorial video on how to use the FlightScope Troubleshooter which helps our support technicians to easily identify and resolve issues.

Help Pages

27 May 2014

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