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Order Forms

03 April 2020

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X3 and Xi Support Agreement Order Forms X3: X3 Support Agreement Special Order Form Xi: Xi tour Support Agreement Special Order Form  

MFS Temp Login

08 July 2019

Read Story Logging into a user account When users report any problem with their MyFlightScope account use the following check the account: Paste his email at the end of the following link: The login details are: username=support password=F$help101 If the email is not active (not created or not verified) you’ll get the following error: ’email…

Simulator Software

30 April 2019

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Simulator Software Price Lists     E6 Connect Discription COST $ * COST € Software purchace $2500 € Annual Support $300 € Annual Support with Course / Game updates $600 € Upgrade from E6 1.6 to E6 Connect $1500 € E6 Connect iOS $1500 €   Creative Golf 3D Type COST $ * COST € Basic $ €1250 Per…

Mevo Raw Data Download

04 March 2019

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Mevo Raw Data Download: It is possible to get raw data from the Mevo to confirm that the unit is not tracking anything. Follow these steps to collect raw data: Go to the Settings Menu of the Mevo App and Scroll down to the very bottom of the Settings Menu In the blank space, underneath…

E6 Connect

28 February 2019

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E6 Connect Find the information on how to Demo or purchase E6 connect below: Download the E6 CONENCT Demo The software can be downloaded here: How to Demo E6 CONNECT Users need to create an E6 Player Profile at: All customers will need to create an account – this account is where we…

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