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Q&A with Stephen Aumock

19 April 2018

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  FlightScope Advisory Board member Stephen Aumock has been the Director of Instruction at Gleneagles Country Club in Plano, Texas for 13 years. In 2009, he was awarded the PGA’s highest designation, Master Instructor, which has only been achieved by roughly 100 instructors worldwide. He was also awarded the 2014 Northern Texas PGA Teacher of…

Exploring The Mevo Golf App

22 June 2017

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Ever since its official launch in March, the FlightScope Mevo has taken the golf world by storm. Mevo is our first model designed for consumers, making it the most affordable and smallest launch monitor we’ve ever made. Our goal with Mevo is to enhance the relationship between the teacher and student by giving the student…

FlightScope Video App: Revolutionizing The Video Experience

26 May 2017

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Video is a great way to analyze the golf swing and to learn how to correctly implement swing changes. While the FlightScope VX app allows for video analysis, up until now our apps did not allow for a fully customizable screen. With the release of the Video app, the user now has the ability to…

NEW: FlightScope Short Game PC Software

16 May 2017

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With the recent release of our first hardware and software capable of capturing putting data, the teacher, fitter, or individual user now has the ability to take each session to the next level. Let’s discuss some of the X3 and Short Game PC Software features and how they can be used to improve performance. Customizable…

Photo showing Rob Strano using a FlightScope launch monitor and the BodiTrak Pressure Mat to analyze the player's stance and swing.

Heisman Trophy Winning Quarterback Gets a FlightScope Lesson

18 August 2014

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Rob Strano recently gave a former NFL quarterback a lesson on athletic stance in a golf swing. He used a FlightScope golf launch monitor, integrated with a FlightScope BodiTrak pressure mat, to analyze the player’s stance and swing in detail. The video shows how the minor golf stance changes were able to correct an ordinary…

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